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Vosstaniya 6 Translation Agency is the largest translation agency in Saint Petersburg. We have many years of experience and know all the rules for proper execution of translated documents. Our translations are accepted in all state authorities and institutions in Russia and abroad.

You can order a translation at our Agency (Vosstaniya str., 6) or by e-mail

Online orders: You can place any order for translation online. Use the online service of our partner – Vosstaniya 1 Translation Agency – to create a request to... see more

Tariffs and services:

Service Tariff, rubles
Translation (written)
from 600
Notarial certification of translation
Notarized copy of a document
per page
Apostille (see the details) Ministry of Justice (within 3-5 days) for Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Region
+2500 state fee
Civil Registry Authority (within 3-5 days) for Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Region
+2500 state fee
General Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (within 3-5 days) for Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Region
+2500 state fee
Ministry of Education (within 45 days) of any region of the Russian Federation
+2500 state fee +1650 power of attorney
+320 notarized copy of the passport
Extra copy of translation
(keeping time: 6 months)
Interpretation (see the details)
from 750
Delivery (across Russia)

Cost of a document (text) translation, rub.

Стоимость письменного перевода документа (текста), руб.

Language 1st group of documents
(passport, etc.
2nd group of documents
(contract, etc.
(from 1 day)
(from 2 hours)
(from 1 day)
(from 2 hours)
for the whole document за 1 страницу (1800 знаков)
English German French
600 1200 800 1200
Bulgarian Lithuanian Slovak
Hungarian Macedonian Croatian
Greek Dutch Czech
Danish Norwegian Finnish
Spanish Polish Swedish
Italian Portuguese Estonian
Catalan Romanian
Latvian Serbian
800 1600 1000 1500
Arabic Latin Turkish
Vietnamese Mongolian Urdu
Hebrew Farsi (Persian) Hindi
Indonesian Pashto Japanese
Chinese Thai
Korean Tibetan
900 1800 1200 1800
Azerbaijani Kazakh Turkmen
Armenian Kyrgyz Uzbek
Belarusian Moldovan Ukrainian
Georgian Tajik
600 1200 900 1300

Discounts: In case of a document or text containing more than 5 pages – we will give a discount of 20%.

Cost increase: The cost is increased 1.5 times for translations of specialized texts (see details).

Attention! You can place and pay for your order for professional translation of documents and texts from a foreign language into Russian and from Russian into a foreign language online, as well as order the delivery of translated documents within Saint Petersburg on the website of our partner – Vosstaniya 1 Translation Agency.

Useful information

Vosstaniya 6, the largest translation agency in Saint Petersburg, provides a full range of services on various translation types: written translation, interpreting, express and notarized translation, as well as apostille services. In addition, you can order documents and texts translation service online, right on our website. After you place an order, a specialist of our center will contact you within 15 minutes, and you will be able to discuss all your questions, as well as the procedure and conditions of the service. We are distinguished from most of our competitors by a number of advantages, which include high qualification of our specialists and extensive experience in this area.

Translation (written)

Our translation agency specialists have extensive experience in providing translation services in various areas:

  • translation of official documents
  • translation of personal documents
  • website translation
  • technical translation
  • legal translation
  • medical translation

Translation is carried out into any languages.

There are several features that distinguish written translation of documents from other types of translations. First of all, it is specificity of texts related to narrowly focused industries. Each specialization, whether it is technical documentation or jurisprudence, requires from a translation author not only mastery of the vocabulary inherent in this area, but also knowledge of the topic itself, as well as experience in working with similar texts. Another feature is the accuracy of translation, since any mistake, even the smallest one, in fact can lead to very serious consequences. Therefore, utmost concentration, focus and patience are the main tools of a professional translator.

The primary task of a translator is to achieve complete (both substantive and semantic) equivalence of the original and translated texts. The process of translating documents and texts can be divided into three stages: decoding of the original text (achieving an absolute understanding of what was written), translation itself and coding of the text in the target language.


Interpreting, along with written translation, is considered one of the main types of translation. Our translation agency specialists will help you conduct business negotiations, seminars, conferences, excursions for foreign partners and many other similar events. There are two types of interpreting: simultaneous and consecutive. Simultaneous interpreting is considered the highest class, in this case the interpreter with the help of special equipment makes parallel interpreting from the original language, and such work requires a lot of experience and full concentration. Therefore, two simultaneous interpreters at once work at many events, replacing each other.

Express translation

There are situations in which translation of documents or texts is required immediately, as they say "yesterday", and for such cases our translation agency provides express translation services. Naturally, such a service is priced at a higher rate, the specialists work many times harder and faster, and the client receives the necessary translation in a short time.

Notarized translation

Each type of translation is relevant for certain organizations and individuals, but notarized translation is almost always in demand by everyone. This type of translation is certified at a notary's office - only the notary's seal and signature prove authenticity of the document. Most often, notarization is used with translation of a passport or a foreign passport. Also, a notarized translation is required for obtaining citizenship or a work permit, for signing contracts, registering a marriage abroad. Notarization is often necessary together with translation of a school certificate and diploma for studying abroad, as well as in a large number of similar cases. It is important to understand that in addition to documents that require mandatory notarization of translation, there are also some documents that can simply be certified by the seal of the translation company. At the same time, the requirements in various countries may differ from each other, therefore it is always better to find out the necessary information about the need for a notarized translation with the translation agency specialists or with lawyers.


Apostille is one of the forms of certification of nationally recognized documents issued by the countries that are members of the Hague Convention. In 1961, the apostille was approved as a standard international form of certification to simplify procedures for documents legalization. In fact, an apostille for documents is a stamp that is placed only on original documents. It contains the apostille serial number and the name of the state, city and institution that issued certification, as well as the position, surname and signature of the person certifying the document. In accordance with the rules, the information is indicated in the original language and duplicated in the official language of the countries participating in the Convention (English or French).

The list of state authorities of the Russian Federation entitled to certify documents by an apostille:

  • Ministry of Justice (documents of territorial authorities of federal state structures, notaries public, local governments).
  • Ministry of Defense (documents on military service in the Armed Forces of the USSR, Russia and the CIS countries).
  • Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science (nationally recognized documents on education, academic degrees and titles).
  • Federal Archival Agency and authorized executive bodies of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation in the field of archiving (copies of archival documents, certificates and extracts from archives).
  • Civil registry authorities (documents on civil status registration).
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia and General Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation.

Vosstaniya 6 Translation Agency. Notarized translation of documents, notarization of translations and apostille.